Friday, September 28, 2012

Contrary to the thingy on the bottom of each post that says "posted by Leanne", I, Hannah, daughter of Leanne, do all of the posting. Yes, I'm just fab aren't I? Now, wether we have a following or not, I-yes me, Hannah-am still awesome. Yes, in fact, I get to run my own BLOG for goodness sake, which MAKES me just that awesome. Along with making movies, which is a making-people-look-awesome field anyway, we are just plum above average. You might even go so far as to say, we are EXEMPLARS. Yup. No, just kidding. Gottcha didn't I? Yeah, I'm good at that. No, really I'm not. Anyway. Enough of this! Ha, yeah, you can go watch your Chris Rock movie now, we don't need you.

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  1. were probably going to make another video so....don't stop looking at it..ok?