Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Post

Hey all you bored kids(and/or Grown ups) and kinda strange folks who have a silly sense of humor!! This blog of videos and little posts and pics, etc. is for you!! Those of you who do not understand our little "clique"....just don't watch! We are silly, weird and...random...so if you STILL want to watch....well, ok, you can watch...

Ok, down to business. The following video presentation is brought to you in hopes that it will give you a laugh....or..a little, teeny, itsy, bitsy....smile(it may not even give you that)
The prequels to this video were not included because they were our first and as such were....kinda boring...ahem! This is REAL AND RAW.

Did ya like it, cracker jacks?!?! Ok, comment if you did...this is your captain speaking...(we like Star Trek, by the way..)

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